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Missouri Republican Assembly

The Republican Wing of the Republican Party


Help Us Keep Missouri Constitutional and Candidates True to the Platform!!

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the party. Your generous donation will fund our mission to be the conscience of the Republican Party in Missouri.

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What We Do

The Missouri Republican Assembly is organized as a 527 under the IRS code.  We vet and scorecard Republican Missouri candidates  and raise funds to fight anti-Constitutional and anti-liberty ballot initiatives and propositions.  Is your freedom and liberty worth $15.00 (student), $20.00 (single membership) or $30.00 (family membership)?  

Who We Are

The Missouri Republican Assembly is a chartered affiliate of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA).  The MRA works to unite ordinary conservatives, both economic and social, whose interests are generally outlined in the platform of the Republican party, including national and state sovereignty, and the advancement of traditional values as illustrated above.   

What We Believe

We are the Republican wing of the Republican Party. We believe ALL Republican candidates and office holders should BE AND VOTE Republican: they should uphold all tenets of the United States and Missouri Constitutions and they should abide by and vote according to the Republican Party platform.