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2018 Officers and Board of Directors of the Missouri Republican Assembly

President        Mitch Hubbard (CD 3)

1st VP              Don Carriker (CD 7)

2nd VP            Sherry Kuttenkuler (CD 3)

Secretary       Rachel Blackmore (CD4)

Treasurer       Robert Pettibone (CD 7)

Member         Lora Tipton (CD 3)

Member         Steve Lampley (CD 7)

National Committeeman and Committeewoman:

                     Jim and Shirley Kendall (CD 7)

For More Information, To Find a Chapter, Or To Get Involved:

Contact us to find out more about meetings in your area, volunteer opportunities, fundraising and other MRA events, or to network with other MRA members in your area.

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Thank You! Missouri Republican Assembly

The Republican Wing of the Republican Party in Missouri. P. O. Box 14842, Springfield, MO 65814-0842